Transcoding multiple files with the same setting using Apple Compressor

Apple Compressor allows you to batch transcode audio and video files to a variety of different file types. However, annoyingly, it does not provide a straightforward way to apply the same output file type setting to multiple files at once.

Writing statistical formulas in R Markdown documents

If you are taking a statistics course or writing methods-based scientific papers, it is likely that you will need to write a statistical formula at some point. R Markdown has built-in support for writing beautiful math expressions using LaTeX mathematics syntax, where any math expression is wrapped in a pair of dollar signs (for inline expressions) or double dollar signs (for display style expressions).

Simulating experimental data in R

Knowing how to simulate experimental data is an incredibly useful skill. Practically, it allows you to generate data that you can use to test your analysis scripts, making it easier to preregister those scripts along with your study plan. Theoretically, it provides you with an excellent opportunity to test your intuition about how data behaves in different experimental designs.

Books for learning R

This post is a focused collection of free books for learning R, covering topics for new and advanced users. I will try to keep it updated as I come across new resources. If there are any resources you think I should add, please leave a comment below or DM me on Twitter.

Keeping up to date with scientific publications using RSS feeds

Keeping up to date with scientific publications is no easy task. There are millions of peer-reviewed scientific papers published each year, along with a continuously growing number of preprints. For most scientists, the vast majority of these publications have no bearing on their work—they’re essentially spam—and filtering through them manually is like slaying an Academian Hydra.

Embedding multimedia files in R Markdown HTML documents

Update: I have improved the functions in this post and turned them into an R package. The source code and installation instructions are available here. I am currently writing a comprehensive educational resource of all things music called The Musican’s Compendium using bookdown, an R package that can generate print-ready books and ebooks from R Markdown documents.

Styling your CV for graduate school

Good CV styling is difficult. It requires awareness of your audience, understanding of human perception, and familiarity with your design tools. You can minimize some of these barriers by commissioning or downloading a CV template, but you will be better off in the long run knowing how to style your own CV.

Integrating Slack and Zotero with RSS

Want to keep your collaborators up-to-date with your project’s reference collection? Want to know when your collaborators have a new paper you should read? Want to automate this process? If you answered yes to all these questions then you might find the following tutorial helpful.

Viewpoint diversity: Necessary for quality science

It is naive to assume that using the scientific method guarantees scientific progress. Although the scientific method is often characterized as an iterative, self-correcting process which leads to advances in knowledge, in practice this whiggish characterization of science does not necessarily hold true when accounting for the cognitive and behavioural biases of the people actually doing science.